Martes Sport Group is a leader in the sportswear market in Central and Eastern Europe.

That's close to 25 years of experience, 302 sports stores in Poland and abroad, rich portfolio of own brands, expanded logistics network and much, much more...

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Park Handlowy

ul. Mickiewicza 31 tel. 515 859 202
Kiełczewo k. Kościana

CH Quick

ul. Poznańska 17 tel. 515 859 768

Aleja Park

Aleja Legionów 60 tel. 515 859 689
Stara Iwiczna k. Piaseczna


ul. Nowa 4A tel. 515 859 937

B2B cooperation

Martes Sport Group creates tailor-made solutions for the needs of different customers. Thanks to our extensive technical and design resources, we can deliver high quality corporate clothing. The Group has developed successful B2B cooperation methodology, which is appreciated by both international corporations and local companies.

About us

Martes Sport Group is comprised of companies manufacturing, distributing and retailing sports goods on the Central and Eastern European market, employing more than 3,000 people.