“Active from an Early Age” – Wannado Sports Festival for Kids

Wannado Sports Festival for Kids promotes the idea of active living and arises enthusiasm about sport. Young and adult sports lovers will meet in Wroclaw on September 9, and in Gdansk on September 17. Huari brand among partners of this event.

The first edition of Wannado took place in 2010 in Czech Republic. Since last year this event has also been taking place in Poland. Festival organizers will prove that sport can be an excellent way of spending free time and that healthy life can be a real pleasure. Young participants will have an opportunity to try their hand at many sports disciplines, numerous contests and competitions while accompanied by famous Polish sportsmen. Attractions will captivate kids at any age, in particular those belonging to a group of 5-12-year-old kids.

In September, Wannado Festival will be hosted by two cities:

  • September 9: Wrocław, Academy of Physical Education
  • September 17: Gdańsk, Academy of Physical Education and Sports

Free admission!

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“Active from an Early Age” – Wannado Sports Festival for Kids

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