Another Edition of ‘Otylia Swim Tour’ with the AquaWave brand


On September 13, Świebodzice will host the first of this year's swimming workshops, organized as part of the ‘Otylia Swim Tour’ Project. The AquaWave brand is among partners to this event.

‘Otylia Swim Tour’ is a series of one-day workshops for young swimmers and their parents and coaches. As part of the project, children take part in numerous activities in the swimming pool and gym. Otylia Jędrzejczak invited outstanding trainers and experts to conduct them. 
For parents, there are workshops with a psychologist and dietitian. Thanks to these meetings, parents will learn how to help their children achieve their goals.

The objective of the Project is to show young swimmers that everyone is talented, the only thing they have to do is to identify their own talent and develop it. The classes are designed to teach children how to take up challenges and be persistent in their achievement, to teach them respect for themselves and others, as well as to show them how to become strong and resourceful. As part of the project, a manual for young athletes and their parents will also be developed, which will systematize the knowledge shared during the training.

The next workshops will be held on September 27 in Łódź, October 3 in Katowice and October 24 in Rybnik.


Another Edition of ‘Otylia Swim Tour’ with the AquaWave brand

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