Martes Sport Gets ‘Super Brand’ and ‘Brand of the Decade’

The year 2018 was very successful for Martes Sport. Consumers appreciated our way of acting, thanks to which we were awarded not only the Super Brand award, but also the Brand of the Decade award.

‘Super Brand’ and ‘Brand of the Decade’ certificates are awarded within the Good Brand Program - Quality, Trust and Reputation. The objective of the program is to select the most trusted brands on the Polish market, thus facilitating purchasing decisions of Polish consumers.
The awarded companies are selected based on customer surveys. The survey includes: market position of the brand and its strength, the quality of products or services and the degree of consumer trust.
The award is granted on the initiative of the editorial team of Biznes Trendy and the Business Forum in Gazeta Prawna.
We appreciate ‘Super Brand’ and ‘Brand of the Decade’ very much as they are awarded based on consumer opinions. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us for many years!

Martes Sport Gets ‘Super Brand’ and ‘Brand of the Decade’

About us

Martes Sport Group is comprised of companies manufacturing, distributing and retailing sports goods on the Central and Eastern European market, employing more than 3,000 people.