Martes Sport Awarded a Certificate of Business Credibility

It’s the fifth time Martes Sport has been awarded the Certificate of Business Credibility. This prestigious title is awarded to companies with the highest and high credibility rating.

The Certificate of Business Credibility (CWB), granted by the Bisnode Business Information Agency, confirms financial sustainability and liquidity of the awarded companies. The prestigious status of CWB is also evidenced by the fact that only 1% of Polish companies meet the stringent criteria of this award.

The certificate is awarded on the basis of several factors, including an analysis of payment morality according to the Bisnode International Payment Monitor, an analysis of financial index for the latest available financial statements, the largest database of corporate and personal relations in Poland. 
This means that this distinction is achieved by companies with financial data that guarantee a high level of profitability, financial credibility and liquidity.

We are very pleased that Martes Sport has been granted this prestigious award for the fifth time.

Martes Sport Awarded a Certificate of Business Credibility

About us

Martes Sport Group is comprised of companies manufacturing, distributing and retailing sports goods on the Central and Eastern European market, employing more than 3,000 people.