Miłka Raulin Comes to ‘Good Morning TVN’ TV Show


Miłka Raulin, the ambassador of the Elbrus brand, once again came to TVN Good Morning TV show. The famous alpinist and traveller told the viewing audience about her amazing expeditions to the highest mountain peaks.

A month ago, Miłka Raulin captured Mount Everest and became the youngest Polish woman who managed to reach the highest peaks of all continents, called the Crown of the Earth. Last Sunday, Miłka was a guest of Kinga Rusin and Piotr Kraśko on Good Morning Holidays TV show where she talked about her past and future biggest challenges.

View the interview with Miłka at:,2064,n/milka-raulin-najmlodsza-polka-z-taka-korona,263862.html


Miłka Raulin Comes to ‘Good Morning TVN’ TV Show

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