Martes Sport Retail Store in Galeria Północna

Another Martes Sport store will be opened on September 14 in Warsaw. This new retail store will have an area of more than 1 000 m2 and will sell a range of sports clothes, footwear, equipment and accessories to practice outdoor and indoor disciplines.

So far, the residents of Warsaw have had to opportunity to shop in three Martes Sport stores located in: Wars Sawa Junior, Atrium Reduta and Ferio Wawer Shopping Centre. The new retail store in Galeria Północna will be unique: our customers will have an access to a modern and comfortable store with a significantly extended range of products. The store will offer products from best global brands.

Opening of the new Martes Sport store is by no means random. Warsaw hosts several dozens of sports clubs as well as numerous sports and recreation facilities. The range of our products will address both amateurs and professional sportsmen, whatever the discipline and proficiency level.

Welcome to see our new store!

Martes Sport Retail Store in Galeria Północna

About us

Martes Sport Group is comprised of companies manufacturing, distributing and retailing sports goods on the Central and Eastern European market, employing more than 3,000 people.